Sample Lake (New York)

Boat Ramps / Launches, Marinas, Bait & Tackle Shops, Motels, Campgrounds and Other Accommodations for Bass Anglers


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(Note: There may be a fee for the use of some ramps.)

  • Prendergast Point Map it!
  • Long Point State Park Map It!
  • Bemus Point (not recommended for boats > 16ft) Map it!


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Non-ethanol gas



Non-ethanol gas near Sample Lake can be found at in:

  • Jamestown
  • Ashville (Marina)
  • Mayville (Marina)

Recommended Accommodations








Additional Campgrounds:

  • Long Point State Park Campgrounds
  • Lovely Lake Campgrounds




Additional Bait & Tackle Shops:

  • Joe’s Bait & Tackle
  • Sample Lake Fishing Goods
  • Angler’s Paradise






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General Information about Bass Fishing at Sample Lake




Map of Sample Lake Services for Bass Anglers

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