ruby-allureOne of the most important ingredients in the success of a bass fishing club is great communication.  From club officers, to members’ communication with each other, making sure you stay in touch with each other, getting the info you need when you need it…

We want to help you!

Not all bass fishing clubs have the tools they need to communicate with each other online.  A website, a message board… a place to list tournaments, officers, results…

And some bass fishing clubs have those things, but no one to monitor them, or keep up with them.

Enter We’re here to support your communication efforts, as follows:


1.  We’ll build you a webpage right here at KMB. 

This is a “static” page, meaning the information doesn’t change often. Once a year, we’ll add your tournament schedule, your officers, your membership info, and a link to your message board.

Here’s a sample club webpage.*

2.  We’ll build you a message board, too. 

Your message board is what you make of it.  We’ll ask one person from your club to monitor it so you don’t end up with spam, or people who shouldn’t be there.  We’ll provide the tools to keep it functioning and useful.

Here’s a sample message board.

There is no charge for either of these tools.  You can submit updates to the main webpage up to three times each year at no charge.

Instead the message boards will contain advertising.  You can see samples here.  It will not be intrusive, but it will help pay for the service.

Ready to get started? 

Simply send us an email, include your phone number and a good time to phone you, and we’ll be in touch to get started.



*The web address will have in it.  But, if you already have a web address (called a URL, like ) and want to set it up to go directly to your page here at KMB,we can help you do that.  If your club doesn’t already have a URL, we can help you get one that works for you.  It will go directly to your own club’s page here at KMB, and will then link to your message board, too.

There is a $15 annual charge to register a URL if you decide you want one.  You’ll be billed each year 60-90 days before it is due to expire.

You do not need to have a separate URL. The page will work perfectly well without it.