Kiss My Bass – dot – fish was launched in late 2014 to bring bass fishing online for anglers everywhere. It’s bass fishing – with an attitude!

The intent is simple: to provide support for anglers like you who love the bass fishing life, helping you find the right times, places, people, and equipment so more time can be spent on the water.

We are always open to suggestions and comments!

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Trisha from

Butch Kritsberg is the brains and hard work behind  An angler for more than 30 years, he is a member of two bass clubs in New York, loves to fish the NYFed tournaments, and thinks the best lunker he ever caught was Trisha!

Butch is a veteran, having retired in 1990 after 20+ years from the US Air Force. In 2015 he retired from GE and launched KMB using his passion for all things bass fishing and a shiny new credit card, both required for getting this puppy off the ground. 


 As Butch’s best (and yes, biggest) lunker of all time, Trisha Kritsberg plays the role of business manager for KMB, providing web development and marketing support. She nagged Butch to start KMB after realizing she probably couldn’t get him to do the laundry in retirement, even though she continues working on other business pursuits. Behold the only bass she has ever caught, pulled from Skaneateles Lake, New York in the summer of 2012.

With more than 30 years experience marketing businesses of every size and flavor, Trisha will be happy to help you with your marketing, too. (Learn more.)