Gotta Love El Nino !

Gotta Love El Nino !

NOAA defines “El Nino” as “a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the Tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather and climate around the globe.”  NOAA has tons of information that supposedly shows how to track and predict this phenomena, but…I’m no Al Roker, so all this technical information is just plain gibberish to me.

Basically, the jet stream has gone nuts with crazy rain in the northwest and heavy snows from the Rockies to the mid-west.  Freezing temps in Las Vegas while the Cherry Blossoms are blooming in Washington, DC.   For those of us hear in the snow capitol of the country, it has meant warm temperatures,  mowing grass in November, golf in short sleeves in December, and almost certainly a GREEN Christmas!  Records are being broken every day all over the country….some good…some not so much.

Unfortunately, I neglected to factor in El Nino this year to the end of my fishing season.  I had my boat winterized in early November and got it into storage before Thanksgiving.  I was trying to prevent a repeat of last year where I waited too long and ended up towing my boat to storage through slush and salt!  I made myself a promise to not let that ever happen again. 

This is just one more case of having a bad picker.  You know, like when you have 5 lines to pick from at the store….I ALWAYS end up in the slowest line.  This year I definitely picked the wrong date to winterize my boat.  Damned if I do….damned if I don’t!  In the mean time, all my fishing buddies are out there STILL absolutely hammering the smallies on Oneida Lake.  And from the looks of the long term forecast, it looks like they may still be out there into January.  The biggest challenge facing anglers right now is launching a boat with the water levels at their winter lows.

I’m still hoping one of my buddies will call with an offer to take the back seat for one more day on the water.  As long as there isn’t any ice on the lake I figure….what the hell….that’s why they make Gore-tex!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




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  1. dave diodato December 30, 2015

    Well butch… I have had no time to get out… I have the sea eagle ready to go but with only Sundays off hasn’t worked out… since I work outside I get a good grasp of weather. The last two winters have been very cold… many days below zero. Three winters ago only one day below zero… liked that one better…
    Ponds got some ice on them but haven’t been by a bigger lake in a bit… Mohawk has been muddy from rain… got some shore spots by winter holes that can be fun…
    Don’t forget safety… read in paper 2 guys killed fishing from small boats this fall…
    See you at the banquet…


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