2015 NY BASS Nation Comes to a Close

2015 NY BASS Nation Comes to a Close

All week leading up to the 2015 BASS Nation finale the weather forecast promised winds out of the south at 7 MPH.  As the sun came up on Sunday, the wind was directly out of the ENE at 15 MPH with gusts of 20-25 MPH….and it NEVER changed all day!  White caps on 4-6 footers made for a rough day on the water as was evidenced by the 7 or 8 anglers who limped in with power poles hanging precariously on the back of their boats. 

But as always happens, some folks found a way to a good bad of fish.  The biggest truth of the day was if you were NOT throwing an A-rig, you just weren’t catching fish….period!  I spoke with several of the anglers who had a great day, and to a man, they all said they only had one rod on the deck all day and that was an A-rig.  For the most part, tubes, spinner baits, swim baits, and jerk baits just did not produce they way you would expect them to produce this time of year.  If you weren’t throwing an A-rig you just flat weren’t getting bit.  It could get real interesting in 2016 when the A-rig is banned from any BASS affiliated event.

We had a total of 84 boats.  From the front of the boat there were a total of 27 limits of 5 fish.  But 46% of the boaters caught 2 fish or less.  The co-anglers had a total of 10 5-fish limits, but a whopping 73% had 2 fish or less.  A very discouraged 30% of the entire field didn’t catch squat.  That’s a tough day no matter how you cut it. 

The top 5 boaters were Casey Smith – 19.4, Steve Beam – 19.32, Jim Bianchi – 18.69, Brian Kelly – 18.59, and Chris Killoren – 18.29.  Co-anglers at the top of the heap were Ronnie Penders – 17.91, Bill Dattalo – 17.34, Frank Ferri – 16.1, Tim Marvin – 15.35, and Liam Blake – 14.93.

The big story of the day was Steve Beam.  2nd place in the boater division is sweet all by itself, but when you add a 5.22 lb lunker on your last cast AND the $5000 Skeeter Boat Contingency money you kinda forget about the nasty weather.   Great job Beamer!

Congrats to all.   The final standings should be available on the NY BASS Nation website by Wednesday, 30 September. 

Just as a reminder next year’s schedule is already set….

     Lake Champlain, Ticonderoga – 19 June

     St Lawrence River, Ogdensburg – 17 July

     CTC – Cayuga, Union Springs – 20-21 August

     Henderson Harbor – 25 September

Hope to see you all there!



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  1. dave diodato October 7, 2015

    Was an interesting day… had my best day of the year and was in the money for the first time as a co angler in a fed tourney. Also squeaked into the last divisional spot by .01#s! I caught most of my fish on a very old lucky craft stayzee given to me by Toshinari Namiki back in 1995! Again a jerkbait saved my day and year. With all the focus on soft plastics I caught all my fish this season on crank/jerkbaits.
    The 3 stops on the trail were tough. I actually made the team and only caught 9 bass. For 2016 its back to standing in non boater scum parking wait in for my ride…


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